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The EDC is located in Merz Court, part of the main Newcastle city campus. A number of maps are available showing our location.

Our postal address is:

  1. Engineering Design Centre
  2. School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials
  3. Merz Court
  4. Newcastle University
  5. Newcastle Upon Tyne
  6. NE1 7RU
  7. United Kingdom.

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Highlight for April 2008

Integrated Modelling for Strategic Planning

Strategic planning for sustainability requires complex systems to be modelled.

Because of this complexity, it is unrealistic to develop new and comprehensive models for each of the numerous possible situations likely to be encountered. Many models already exist ...

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Upcoming seminars

The EDC often hosts, arranges or is associated with a wide variety of seminars related to its activities.

These seminars (often in association with an engineering institute) are always open to students and staff at the university and often to the public.

Upcoming events will be listed on this website in the future. Please check back from time to time for updates.