Overview of the MSc programme

This programme is run on a part time basis, meaning that it can be done whilst continuing to work for the sponsoring employer. It is taught via a number of modules. The ususal pattern is that a module starts with a taught week at one of the collaborating universities. This is then followed by further study and targeted investigation at the participants' organisations.

The modules are followed by a dissertation. The complete programme requires about 1800 hours of study, spread over two to three years.

Learning outcomes

As a result of completing this course, graduates will have gained:

  • a good understanding of issues at the forefront of programme management and will have a knowledge of up to date tools and techniques. They will be able to critically evaluate approaches to programme management.
  • knowledge and experience of the fundamental techniques used in requirements analysis, specification, design, development, validation, documentation, maintenance and evaluation of projects in accordance with modern principles of programme management. They will have skills in the application of these techniques in the management of major programmes for a range of applications.
  • experience of a range of management approaches in current use in the profession, an understanding of current trends and their development and an appreciation of the professional, ethical and social dimensions of the subject.
  • the ability to apply the principles and practices of programme managegment in tackling a significant technical problem; the solution typically demonstrates a soundly based vision of the direction of developments of programme management.

Graduates are expected to continue in employment with their sponsoring organisations. These tend to be major project organisations or organisations that have a need for expertise in the management of major programmes.

For more information contact:

Centre of Excellence and MSc Programme Office

  1. Newcastle Engineering Design Centre
  2. School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials
  3. Merz Court
  4. University of Newcastle upon Tyne
  5. Newcastle upon Tyne
  6. Phone: +44(0) 191 222 8556
  7. Fax: +44(0) 191 222 5292
  8. email: MPM@ncl.ac.uk

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