MSc in Major Programme Management and associated Research Network

Newcastle University has led the way in developing this highly specialised MSc in Major Programme Management and associated Research Network.

We have a world beating track record in this discipline, which is second to none! The EDC forms the core of this centre of excellence. The MSc course was developed with support from Thales UK plc.

... aimed at managers of high potential who are expected to assume a significant leadership role in major programme management in the next few years.

The MSc in Major Programme Management and associated Research Network offers a unique combination of elements to create a centre of excellence aiming to increase the national supply of skills needed to manage large and very demanding projects.

Challenges for managers and organisations

Increasingly, programme managers are required to:

  • Effectively integrate a range of wider and new technologies.
  • Integrate systems, which are more substantial and more complex than ever before.
  • Operate across cultural boundaries.
  • Understand a greater range of financial engineering solutions, particularly in through life support and possible disposal as contracts move from delivery of tangible goods to availability and output performance.
  • Co-exist in several alliances/joint ventures simultaneously.
  • Understanding the regulatory/de-regulatory environment and ensure compliance through the project supply chain.
Image of: Managing programmes for future platforms

Managing programmes for future platforms

To address these challenges, the EDC has developed two key strands of activity:

  • A part-time programme designed to equip managers to deal with the challenges that are typical of large and complex projects and programmes. It is aimed at managers of high potential who are expected to assume a significant leadership role in major programme management in the next few years.
  • A research network to address issues arising in collaborating companies.

Research network

Not just a course! It is anticipated that MSc students will help build relationships between their respective companies and the academic institutions involved in their MSc. This will help provide a network of excellence where problems flagged by industry can be solved by close co-operation with academic research institutions.

Image of: Programme Management linkages to research activities

Programme Management linkages to research activities

The basis of the research network, as illustrated above, is a collabration of informed industrial and academic partners as a knowledge base, forming a centre of excellence in programme mangement.

Overview of the MSc programme

This programme is run on a part time basis, meaning it can be done whilst continuing to work for the sponsoring employer. It is taught via a number of modules. The ususal pattern is that a module starts with a taught week at one of the collaborating universities.


Participant and employer profile

This programme is about developing a community of practitioners that will transform the approach to prime contract and major programme management.


Module summaries

The course is modular and aimed at senior managers who are coming up to the point at which they may expect to be appointed to manage large programmes. The fields covered include business management, people management, programme management and technical integration.


Download brochures

More details relating to the above information are available for downloading here:

I strongly welcome this initiative, and foresee that the Agency will want to make use of the course.

David Gould, Deputy Chief Executive of the MOD's Defence Procurement Agency

Augusta Westland wholeheartedly supports this initiative and looks forward to participating in this unique programme.

Martin Fausset, Director of Programmes, Augusta Westland

For more information contact:

Centre of Excellence and MSc Programme Office

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  2. School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials
  3. Merz Court
  4. University of Newcastle upon Tyne
  5. Newcastle upon Tyne
  6. Phone: +44(0) 191 222 8556
  7. Fax: +44(0) 191 222 5292
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