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The course is modular and aimed at senior managers who are coming up to the point at which they expect to be appointed to manage large projects. The fields covered include business management, people management, programme management and technical integration.

The module outlines are:

An introduction to working at Masters level and to introduce participants to critical thinking about business issues.
Organisation and strategy
An understanding of organisations and their stratgey and how this relates to the managament of major projects.
Programme management tools
An understanding of the principles, philosophies and methods of project mangement as applied to larger projects and programmes.
Integrated design and delivery
The integration of project management activities and skills across the initial design buil and commissioning phases for complex products and the extension of these into the lifecycle support systems including maintenance, cost of ownership and upgradeability issues.
Integrated programme management
The application of management tools and techniques from single project applications through to the larger more complex scenarios of multiple and major projects, where the interactions and risks present a further dimension of challenges to success.
Major contracts as organisations
The knowledge, skills and techniques necesssary to appreciate that major projects/contrcats are value strands within an organisation and to deliver these effectively and efficiently in financial and business terms.
Financial and legal engineering of major projects
The introduction and development of the financial and legal aspects of major project management and the application of these as a source of business advantage.
Customer and markets
The development of the knowledge of the customer and the importance of a commercial relationship to managing a sucessful project.
Organisational leadership
The development of the knowledge of and discussion of critical issues and debates in the areas of organisational leadership, negotiation and communication.
Team leadership
The preparation of participants for more specific team leadership roles in the management of major projects.
Methods of enquiry
The training necessary to review and critique relevant academic research and literature - to undertake the dissertation.
An extended investigation (ususally work-based) into a major project management issue that deveops the ability to evaluate and report on advanced techniques and concepts.

The Research Network will help inform the MSc programme, therefore it is likely that the exact contents of the modules will evolve. These outlines are therefore indicative.

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