MSc in Clean Technology

Tackling the carbon balance


The MSc in Clean Technology at Newcastle puts students into industry locally, as part of their course, where they carry out environmental projects aimed at waste, water and energy reduction. Last year students made recommendations that could save their companies disposing of amounts of 67-130 tonnes of waste to landfill depending upon which company they were at. In total this added up to reduction of 377 tonnes of Carbon dioxide equivalent. Other student projects led to 300,000 cubic meters of effluent not being discharged thanks to water reuse. This means the Clean Technology MSc is 'carbon negative'.

Carbon neutral degrees

Newcastle has also launched its first 'carbon neutral' degree course, a two-year MSc in biodiversity, conservation and ecotourism, which teaches students to manage sustainable tourism projects in some of the worlds top visitor spots. To become carbon neutral, the total carbon dioxide emissions over the courses two-year development through activities like flying, driving, and energy consumption were calculated. 96.3 tonnes of carbon dioxide had been released, most of that from flying. This was mitigated by investing £1,300 in local renewable energy schemes via Carbon Neutral Newcastle, of which Newcastle University ex Vice Chancellor, Professor Christopher Edwards, is a trustee.

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Integrated Modelling for Strategic Planning

Strategic planning for sustainability requires complex systems to be modelled.

Because of this complexity, it is unrealistic to develop new and comprehensive models for each of the numerous possible situations likely to be encountered. Many models already exist ...

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