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Universities around the world are realising the need to integrate sustainability into all their activities. This includes campus housekeeping and the traditional core functions of teaching, research and outreach to the wider community.

We highlight here what Newcastle University is doing to make itself more sustainable. This focuses on Newcastle University's own record with regard to sustainability.

The following explains the university's sustainability policy, performance information and suggestions on ways for individuals to improve performance:

Sustainability policy

The University of Newcastle upon Tyne is one of the UK's leading research universities and providing higher education to over 15,000 students and employing around 4,000 staff. The Sustainability Policy of the University addresses three key issues which encourage staff, students and local community to improve their quality of life in ways which simultaneously protect and enhance the earth's life support systems:


Sustainability performance

The following is a link to a table, which gives a list of measures or indicators of Newcastle University's sustainability performance.


What you can do

All of us can contribute to a more sustainable way of working and living. Although the following suggestions apply to working and studying at Newcastle University, the general principles can also be applied elsewher


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Commercial Research at Newcastle University

A full list of commercially available research facilities for Newcastle University can be found on the Services for Business web pages.

Highlight for April 2008

Integrated Modelling for Strategic Planning

Strategic planning for sustainability requires complex systems to be modelled.

Because of this complexity, it is unrealistic to develop new and comprehensive models for each of the numerous possible situations likely to be encountered. Many models already exist ...

more ...

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