Peter Norman


Peter Norman

Peter Norman is currently the director of the EDC. Dr Norman joined the Department of Chemical and Process Engineering in May 1978 as a lecturer and became an Associate Director of the EDC in 1994.


Tel: +44(0)191 222 7278



  • BSc Hons Applied Science (Chemical Engineering), University of Newcastle upon Tyne, 1967
  • PhD Detonation in gaseous systems, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, 1971

Research Interests

Research is largely focussed on two distinct areas: systems integration/modelling/data management, and sustainability.

The first area of research is undertaken through a programme which is funded by BAE Systems (Aircraft Systems). The work focuses on support for integrated modelling of systems, design knowledge management and optimisation, and the management of data through international standards such as ISO10303 ( STEP ).

The second area is aimed at consolidating the progress achieved as part of the EDC's programme in Design for a Clean Environment. This has developed into the EDC's sustainability@newcastle programme, which is a vehicle for supporting our sustainability activities in terms of information, training, research and consultancy.


Researching Design for Sustainability

The EDC carries out research into principles, processes and methodologies of design for large, complex systems and ETO products.

The main research themes are:

  • collaborative design and integration of the design process,
  • sustainability and design for lifecycle, and
  • decision support.

The EDC Sustainability Research Group investigates the impact of sustainability on the design process for complex systems. We focus on products such as offshore oil and gas, nuclear systems, land based chemical and power plant, ships, and military aircraft.

More about the Sustainability Research Group here .