Specific energy projects

Sustainability projects

The project team is involved with creating sustainability projects related to public buildings. The objective is to reinforce and symbolise Newcastle City Council's commitment to long term sustainability. Public buildings offer a great opportunity to convey this message, therefore specific energy projects so far have been connected to flagship buildings in Newcastle.

Feasibility study

A feasibility study of installing renewable energy technologies in the Civic Centre has been undertaken. Solar hot water and biomass came out as the most suitable for the site bearing in mind its listed status. As part of the decision-making process several products were presented to the project team by suppliers.

Image of: Eldon Square Shopping Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne

Eldon Square Shopping Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne

Eldon Square

Eldon Square is one of the most visited buildings in Newcastle. The complex is currently undergoing partial refurbishment and expansion, consequently it presents an excellent opportunity to showcase sustainable energy projects.

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Highlight for April 2008

Integrated Modelling for Strategic Planning

Strategic planning for sustainability requires complex systems to be modelled.

Because of this complexity, it is unrealistic to develop new and comprehensive models for each of the numerous possible situations likely to be encountered. Many models already exist ...

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